A New Chinese Classic

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Jian Bing (Chinese Crêpe), is one of the most traditional breakfast from Northern China, which now also has been spread well popularly to the entire Chinese eating appetite.


This savory crisp-fried crêpe is all about bold contrasts of flavor and texture: eggs, spread over the surface of the wheat and mung bean flour pancake as it cooks. Each one is cooked fresh to order on a circular cast-iron grill, just the way you want it.

In Jian Bing Man, we proudly have our team members coming from all over China. We have brought you not only the Jian Bing but also lots of other delicious local cuisines: homemade Tang Yuan, soybean milk, dough stick, noodle soup, mini-hotpot, etc…

Our goal is to serve New York City the best Chinese traditional food.





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